About Us

Welcome to the Fusion Website

With over 45 years of unparalleled industry experience, I proudly introduce Fusion Flooring Solutions—a trailblazing enterprise dedicated to supplying and installing some of the most cutting-edge flooring materials in the world.
We are proud to be certified installers of renowned brands such as Dr. Schutz, Neogard, and Starpatch, ensuring that our clients have access to the highest quality products available.
At Fusion, we specialize in crafting floors that transcend the ordinary.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that each one of our floors is not only distinctive and creative, but also exudes a captivating allure that is both enduring and artistic.What sets our floors apart is our innovative liquid application process. Combining the finest solid earthen particulates, premium sand, and cement, we meticulously blend these elements with a carefully selected array of polymers, resins, and binders, tailored to the specific substrate we are bonding to. The result is a masterpiece underfoot that seamlessly merges strength, durability, and aesthetic beauty.

The sheer range of options we offer to our discerning clientele is truly staggering, making it challenging to fully capture in mere words. We invite you to explore our comprehensive photo gallery, allowing the visual beauty of our work, to speak for itself. Should you have any queries or require further clarification, I am always delighted to personally guide you through our offerings.

While often referred to as decorative concrete artisans, we consider ourselves to be much more than that. We proudly represent the avant-garde choice for those seeking an extraordinary alternative to conventional hard surface flooring. 

Thank you for choosing Fusion Flooring Solutions. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to transform your space into a realm of unparalleled elegance, sophistication, and enduring durability.